Are There Rules in Quarantine?

Hey everyone, I hope you are all staying happy and healthy during this strange time. Today is day 70 of our quarantine/shelter in place/social distancing period. When we thought this would only last a few weeks, it seemed like a great time to both relax, and tackle some projects. I recorded a Skillshare class, my husband and I ripped out our rotting deck, and our daughter enjoyed more screen time and PJs all day. Basically, there were no rules.

However, now that we have been doing this for a while, it became apparent a few weeks ago that I needed to inject a but of structure back in to our days. Anya is also starting Kindergarten in the fall, and she needs to practice more self sufficiency. Enter, the Reminder Chart!

This chart is broken down by 3 times of day, with one section for tasks to be done once a week. I didn’t take any progress photos, but I cut the chart along the center lines, and laminated it so it can be marked off each day, and wiped off at night. So far, this chart has been really handy for our five year old. She knows that we cannot begin preschool until her morning tasks are done (which also delays the screen time she gets after preschool), and what the expectations are before any fun activities in the afternoon. It also makes it easy for us as parents to check in and just point to the chart to remind her when necessary.

We used a more traditional “weekly” chore chart for the past few years, and it worked fine; when we actually remembered to use it. Part of the problem was that we had it upstairs in her bathroom, and would only glance at it once a day of less. This chart has been placed in our kitchen where we can all easily refer to it throughout the day.

If you would like to download a free PDF copy of this chart, you can click here. An additional item that has made of life easier was purchasing this small pitcher on amazon [affiliate link].

A gallon milk is too big for a small child, but she can easily handle this pitcher to pour milk on her cereal, or get herself a drink. Knock on wood, there have not been any major spills yet! What’s something you have implemented with your family recently to make like at home a bit easier?

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