Trusting the Process

Taking a break from vacation notes today to talk about the creative process! First of all, taking a vacation was awesome for my creative spirit. Separating myself from the familiar, taking a break from social media, and trying new things helped me get back to what I love. It does not have to be as elaborate as traveling internationally, but I highly recommend shutting out distractions for a day or two!

When we got back I was ready to dive into projects that combine all the things I love, and to leave everything else behind. I was also encouraged to do this while listening to “Ask Dr. Pizza” recently. Andy J. Pizza is the host, and in Episode 243 he talks about how to stop second guessing yourself, and TRUST THE PROCESS.

Andy talks about setting yourself up for success by making all the decisions upfront, and committing to a project. For example, when he started doing his podcast, he decided how to do it and then committed to doing a specific number of episodes before evaluating whether he wanted to continue.

This is exactly what I have decided to do with my youtube channel! If you didn’t know, this summer I began building a youtube channel. I quickly jumped in, recorded two videos, and then basically sat on them the rest of the summer. They weren’t perfect, I didn’t love them, and I struggled with the editing software I had chosen. I still wanted to make this happen though, so I began working through my challenges, made decisions about how I was going to execute the project and then decided to just do it and trust the process.

For now, I am committed to uploading at least 1 video per week, and I have already completed 5 weeks! I am still working out how many I want to commit to creating, but every week it gets easier to make a quality video which makes believe I’ll be able to keep it up for a while. I have no idea where this is going to take me, but at the moment I am being open to trusting the process!

Let me know what you have been working on, and what steps you have taken to simplify and trust the process. If you want to see the videos I’ve been working on, you can check it out below. I’d also be so excited if you subscribed to my channel, it helps it to keep going!

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